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Buying a narrowboat made easy

Here at Bickerstaffe, we do things differently

We’ve developed what we consider to be the perfect design of narrowboat, built to the highest standards and fitted out with everything that you’ll need. So regardless of whether you’re an experienced boater looking to live aboard, or a fresher buying your first boat, a Bickerstaffe will do you proud and serve you well.

There’s also no need to wait years between putting down your deposit and taking delivery of your boat. We always have boats in build in our workshops available for immediate purchase.

Our Boats

With a Bickerstaffe boat, you can be confident of getting a beautiful boat which will work for you, on every level.

Our standard 57ft 6in cruiser stern boats start with a quality shell custom-built to our exacting standards, by our sister company Elton Moss Boatbuilders. Back at our workshops they receive individual attention, with the interiors hand-built and finished to our high standards, and to our in-depth SPECIFICATION. Every detail is planned to help make cruising the waterways a pleasure.

Click here to view the feature in Waterways World Magazine for our Bickerstaffe 57" Cruiser Stern Narrowboat.

With you every step of the way.

We Design

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We Fabricate

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We Build

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We Support

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Seat side
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Shower controls

We’re confident that a Bickerstaffe narrowboat can compete with anything on the market, and we know that you’ll be impressed with what you see.

If you think a Bickerstaffe boat might be the one to fulfil your dreams, please contact us to arrange a personal viewing. We’d love to meet you. Contact Us

Become part of the family

For us, customers are first and foremost, and people who buy a Bickerstaffe Boat become part of the Bickerstaffe family.

Our boutique approach means we’re never too busy to keep up with how you’re getting on! We’re with you from the launch onwards, whenever you need us, for as long as you want.

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Our workshops are situated in West Lancashire.